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Buy Rice, Edible Oil, Paneer & Sugar of the finest variety!
About Us

Taste might be the first preference while buying various food items but safety too is a parameter that should never be compromised. As per recent reports, thousands of people in India face mild to serious health problems after consuming adulterated and contaminated food. From cultivators and food growers resorting to the use of pesticides during production to food manufacturing firms mass producing items with substandard raw ingredients and without proper quality checks, there are endless reasons why it is hard to locate good quality and hygienically made food items on supermarket shelves these days. 

We, Maa Sitala Enterprise, a famed Indian trader, make purchasing of quality edibles simpler by bringing for consumers the best and the healthiest range of Miniket Rice, Paneer, Edible Oil, Sugar, etc. We only source products like Refined Sunflower Oil, Refined Mustard Oil, etc., from trusted brands like Dhara, Gokul and Fortune, which commit to food safety standards of the highest order and have track records of never violating any of the set norms. 

Our Vendors

With our emphasis on the safety of our consumers, not only do we procure edibles from licensed & reputable food suppliers who never make fraudulent or misleading health claims but also go out of our way to cross check quality of sourced products at our in-house labs. Validated tests are conducted to evaluate the following:

  • No pesticides have been used during farming
  • No substance has been added to increase the overall food weight
  • No substance has been added to enhance food colour or texture
  • No adulterant has been added to enhance the product value than what actually is

Why Are We The Favourite of Customers?

We are truly committed to product quality, which is at the heart of everything we do. Quality and safety we provide in our range of Miniket Rice, Paneer, Edible Oil, etc., is why many customers turn to us for making smart purchase of quality rich edibles. We work hard to serve as a strategic trading partner, analyzing in deep what modern-day consumers require and striving to meet those needs by joining hands with trusted food brands having longstanding reputation of quality excellence. Along with our partners, we work to impart the best of taste and better protect health of our precious customers. 

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